1208 SCS Channel

Windows 64 bit VST2 & VST3 (alpha)

1208 SCS

This is a stable alpha release. As this plugin continues to evolve, more features will be added.

It’s a Channel Strip, use it as you see fit. With the Plug Matrix you can route audio anyway thay you like. It sounds great on mono & stereo tracks or on a bus.

Please report any bugs or performance issues Here

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Updates & Fixes:

3-28-18 08.2.1 Added plugs for HP and LP filters. Various GUI improvements.
3-24-18 GUI improvements.
3-23-18 GUI improvements, removed unnecessary files from install folder.
3-17-18 Lots of changes.
3-17-18 GUI fixes, better cable detection.
3-16-18 Initial alpha release.

Known Issues:

– Some users report that knobs do not display in Reaper & Cubase. Unable to reproduce.