SCS Channel













An all purpose channel strip that sounds great on any track or bus.

  • Freely routable input/outputs, mix filters, compressor & equalizer via the plug matrix
  • Low and high pass butterworth filters
  • Peak/RMS, Soft/Hard knee compressor
  • 5 band classic parametric EQ with bell & shelf curves
  • Gentle saturation, mono/stereo, phase adjust, balance control and limiter
  • 4x oversampled for high quality processing

Free version: Oversampling disabled. RMS and soft knee only. Mix filters disabled.


  • v. 1.0.2 – Improved cables. They now dim when hovered over, for easy identification.
  • v. 1.0.1 – Improved gain reduction meter.
  • v. 1.0.0 – Improved oversampling & cables, bug fixes. Added free and paid version.

Windows_logo_full-1 64 bit VST2 & VST3