This duo features two 7-band proportional Q equalizers that capture that classic Motown vibe. Use the output knob to compensate for boost/cuts you’ve made.


  • Gain Knobs: boost or attenuate the selected frequency
  • Output Knob: output gain adjustment
  • Ø Button: inverts the phase of the audio
  • S Button: turns on the gentle saturation
  • R Button: resets all knobs to 0 dB gain
  • Double Clicking a knob resets it to 0 dB gain
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel over a knob to change values (VST3 only) 
  • CRTL + Scroll Wheel for fine value changes (VST3 only)
  • Presets and preset banks are selected and saved in the preset toolbar

Note: If you choose to move the plugin to a different folder after it has been installed, you will need to move the Entire folder not just the .dll or .vst3 file.