• In Button: Turning off bypasses the plugin
  • Frequency Sliders: Adjust frequency by +/- 12 dB
  • Input/Output Knobs: Adjust input/output gain by +/- 18 dB
  • Reset: Resets all controls to their default settings
  • Phase: Flips the polarity of the incoming audio
  • Sat: Adds a gentle saturation to the signal
  • Double Clicking a control resets it to default
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel over a control to change values (VST3 only) 
  • CRTL + Scroll Wheel for fine value changes (VST3 only)
  • Presets and preset banks are selected and saved in the preset toolbar

Note: If you choose to move the plugin to a different folder after it has been installed, you will need to move the Entire folder not just the .dll or .vst3 file.